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PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) PRP treatment uses own body's plasma to improve hair growth and volume.

1 PRP treatment 180€
• 1 PRP treatment + Biotine 200€
3 PRP treatments 500€
3 PRP treatments + Biotine 570€

* Please note that 1 treatment = 1 pipe


Teeth Whitening

Peroxide-free teeth whitening is 100% safe. The substances used are natural and do not harm teeth nor gums. The LED laser light activates the whitening formula used during session. Our treatment offers 4-8 lighter shades in one session.

1 Treatment 99€ 140


PRP treatment for skin

Our PRP treatment for skin reduces wrinkles - increases skin elasticity and reduces the amount of sagging skin - treats deep lines - improves skin texture and condition - fades acne scars and makes them less noticeable.

1 PRP treatment + Facial microneedling 230€
3 PRP hoito + mikroneulaushoito kasvoihin 600€

Hair Transplant

   Are you interested in hair transplant surgery in Turkey? We offer help with getting treatment and travel arrangements through our trusted partners. We are happy to offer help via chat, phone, Whatsapp or email.

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