Teeth Whitening

Treatment duration: 2/3 x 15 minutes

Products used: LED laser light and whitening gel.

Technology: LED laser light

Recovery time: 48 hours

Duration to results: Immediate

Maintenance treatment: no earlier than 4 weeks after the treatment

Teeth Whitening

The LED laser light activates the whitening gel, which does not contain any peroxide. 4-8 degree lightening in one treatment.
First, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, which is activated by the light of the LED lamp. The LED lamp is used 2-3 x 15 min.
the gel is removed and a new one is applied depends on the aimed outcome.

Peroxide-free teeth whitening is 100% safe if the given instructions are followed.
The substances are natural and do not harm teeth or gums.

The result lasts 6-12 months. However, if you wish, you can do the procedure again no earlier than 4 weeks after the previous one.

Reasons varies. The most common ones are age, food dyes, coffee, tea, soft drinks,
tobacco, too much fluoride, certain antibiotics and long-term use of some medicines.

After the procedure, you must not eat for at least 2 hours. Before the procedure, you should brush our teeth properly.

The treatment is suitable for almost everyone. However, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Parental permission is required for clients below 18 years of age.
The treatment cannot be done to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments or who are suffering from melanoma. Gingivitis is also an obstacle to whitening your teeth.
Teeth and gums must be healthy before whitening.

No side effects, i.e. no pain or sensitivity.

The LED laser light activates the whitening gel, which does not contain any peroxide. It offers 4-8 degree lighter shades in one treatment.
After the treatment, you should not drink hot or coloring drinks (such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, etc.).
Also, don't smoke in the next 12-48 hours. To achieve the best result, we recommend a white diet, i.e. avoid coloring foods such as blueberry, tobacco, snuff, red wine, coffee, tea and tomato.
during the next 12-48 hours after the treatment.
Do not eat or drink anything (water is allowed) for 2 hours after the treatment.

With the new LED lamp technology, there is no risk. The cold light of the LED light has no effect on the tissues inside or outside the mouth. However, the use of protective glasses is recommended during treatment.

The gel only works on your own tooth, so implants, laminates or prostheses do not become white. However, the gel does not harm them in any way.

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